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As the situation in NYC continues to escalate, we believe that it is our responsibility to our community to do what we can to limit social interactions wherever possible. We have made the difficult decision to temporarily close our flagship location at 7425 New Utrecht Avenue in Brooklyn, New York. This time will give our management team a chance to evaluate our short and mid-term plans as we adjust the operations involving our wholesale and manufacturing departments.

The decision to temporarily close the retail storefront on New Utrecht Avenue increases the likelihood that we can continue to manufacture our products and supply each of the other (10) Pastosa Ravioli store locations located throughout New York and New Jersey. Our manufacturing center, though limited in capacity, will, for the foreseeable future, remain operational so that we can continue to bring our products to our store operators and customers. While we hope to be able to reopen the New Utrecht Avenue storefront soon, we ask that you continue to check back with us regarding store hours.

Here in Brooklyn, currently one of the hardest hit communities in New York City, we will fight back and work tirelessly to ensure that our (10) other Pastosa Ravioli store locations remain stocked and open for business so that we may continue to serve our communities during these unprecedented times. Please contact the Pastosa store location nearest you for information about store hours and social distancing procedures in place at each store location.

We thank you for your understanding, appreciate your continued support and wish you and your families well.

Thank you.

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