Prior to opening the first Pastosa Ravioli store in 1966, our grandfather, Anthony G. Ajello, enjoyed a prosperous career as a salesman for the Polly-O Italian Cheese Company. Anthony's passion and enthusiasm were unmatched because he believed in the superiority and worth of the ricotta and mozzarella products that he sold throughout the New York Metropolitan area. Anthony also respected his customers and was determined to provide them all with a consistent, first class brand of service.

In 1966, sensing a tremendous void in the marketplace and a unique opportunity to merge his sales experience with his enduring vision of creating a store where customers could purchase fresh ravioli filled with the highest quality ingredients, Anthony opened the first Pastosa Ravioli store located on Avenue N and East 53rd Street in Brooklyn, New York. Never compromising his commitment to superior products and customer satisfaction, his tiny store became a huge success. As his customers repeatedly lined up to purchase delicious ravioli and fresh mozzarella, Anthony quickly realized that he was going to need a bigger store.

Anthony settled on the Italian neighborhood of Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, where, in 1972, he found the perfect spot on the corner of New Utrecht Avenue and 75th street. Reinforced by the additions of his young and eager son, Michael, and his partner, Tony Postiglione, the three continued to produce unprecedented ravioli by using the finest ingredients possible. By the time Anthony retired in 1977, Pastosa Ravioli had become a landmark in Brooklyn. In the years that followed, our father, Michael, and his partner, Uncle Tony, were able to take the store to extraordinary new heights.

In an effort to supplement their fresh ravioli, mozzarella and pasta products, Michael developed a unique line of Pastosa brand items that included Italian tomatoes, olives, roasted peppers, artichokes and fine Italian pure and extra virgin olive oils. Consistent with and building upon Anthony's original vision, Pastosa Ravioli had become a unique marketplace where customers could purchase a full line of high quality, affordable Italian specialty products.

After twenty years of packing crowds into their corner store, Michael and Tony embarked on a major renovation in 1992. The project nearly tripled the size of their operation and allowed Pastosa Ravioli to expand its target market through a newly developed wholesale department. Restaurants, retail shops and food distributors now turned to Pastosa Ravioli as the source of New York's finest ravioli, fresh pasta and Italian specialties. Just as importantly, Michael and Tony were able to open additional Pastosa Ravioli locations and to supply them with fresh products manufactured at the flagship store in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn.

There are currently twelve Pastosa Ravioli stores throughout the New York and New Jersey area. Each location is individually owned and operated and has been licensed to use the Pastosa Ravioli name by the Ajello family. Through the diligence and hard work of each of our stores' owners, Pastosa Ravioli has grown from a Brooklyn landmark to a household name throughout the New York Metropolitan Area. After more than fifty years, we continue to fill our full-bodied, creamy ravioli with the finest ingredients. Thank you for visiting Pastosa Ravioli, where you too can enjoy a time-honored New York tradition.